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Carpet Installation

Looking for a change in your family room, bedroom, or living room? With carpets, you can create a plush and relaxing feeling to every part of your home. Whether your existing flooring is stained and dingy or you are just tired of the same old color, you will find the perfect option for your space when you shop at with us, we can visit you with the carpet samples for you to choose from.

When you are ready for a new look throughout your space, choosing to upgrade your flooring is an easy way to achieve a dramatic style change. We provide a full selection of carpeting in a broad assortment of colors, from bright, bold hues such as raspberry and emerald to refined, soft neutrals like eggshell, ecru, and sand.

We have an extensive range of carpet options that will let you transform any room of your home. With so many patterns, colors, and styles to choose from, you can customize your own unique carpet design, breathing new life into any room with a one-of-a-kind look that matches your personal taste and the current interior décor.

Carpet Repair

We are experts in carpet repair and we are delighted to offer you a truly outstanding cost effective professional carpet repair service for a wide range of domestic and commercial carpet damage.

With over a decade in the field we have knowledge and experience in carpet repairing. We have fixed and repaired every kind of carpet damage imaginable successfully by using specialist tools to achieve an invisible repair. If we can’t fix it, then probably it is beyond repair. We have the tools and know how to repair carpet damage, holes, burns, rips, tears and torn carpet seams to an invisible standard. We repair all kinds of damage to wall to wall carpets and we offer our services throughout Gauteng.

This service can save a lot of valuable time and not to mention the expense of buying a new carpet replacement for the sake of a minor burn or pet damage that we can repair, fix and restore back to its former glory without the need to move any furniture. Kairos Upholstery is your one stop shop for carpet repairs and cleaning. If you need the following services please don’t hasitate tp contact us for a quote: flood restoration, stretching and patch repair (for iron burns, cigarette burns, permanent stains and pet damage)


Carpet Repairing

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